Siipiveikon kennel is a small kennel. We live in countryside in Finland, in a small town called Valkeakoski. We breed Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retrievers. Our family consists of us, our three childrens, Aliisa, Oskari and Amalia and four tollers and one working labrador. Our dogs are living with us as beloved family members. We hunt with our tollers and participate in hunting tests with them. The original purpose of the toller as hunter's hardworking companion is important to us. We do also obedience, workingtests, blood-tracking, shows, agility etc. with our dogs.

Our main goal in breeding is to breed physically and mentally healthy dogs with a strong working will. We want our puppies to get homes where the dog is a familymember. Siipiveikon dogs are huntingcompanions, so we sell our puppies only to homes where people are hunting or trying to find a toller to huntingtests. Remember that tollers are versatile and energetic dogs with tons of working drive so you can use them in many hobbies. We want to hear about "our" puppies and you can always ask if you have something in your mind. You are always welcome to visit us!

Our puppies live in our kitchen, in the middle of our life. All puppies are registered in Finnish Kennel club. The puppies are microchipped and veterinary checked and dewormed many times. All our puppies are socialiced much and we show many kinds of game to them.

Anna and Ville Rantala, rananna @ gmail.com, 0505438423 tai 0407156685