New year again!

We had our first working labrador litter on autumn. So far everyone of them seems to be fine. Nice to see how they developes in future. It was really nice to get more experience with different breed. Some things were same as tollers, some things not. It was fun to learn new things. Good luck with them in future!

6.1.2015 we had a meeting to Siipiveikon owners. There was about 30 people and over 20 dogs participating. It was cold (about -20degrees) out at training, but inside we had a warm feeling. Thanks everyone!

Ukko passed retrievingtest on September.

On tollerclubs huntingtest Vimma got huntingtest-B openclass 1st prize (by the way, 3rd of our own tollers!). Niilo beginnersclass 3rd prize, Riki winnersclass 3rd prize.

On tollershow Zelda, Pippa, Kelmi and Riki got exellent, Kiia, Oona and Vimma very good. Riki was also Best Dual Purpose Toller of the year. Great!

Simo and Hanna were on Italy competing on IPOR WORLDCHAMPIONSHIPS. And their team won bronze medal! This is something unbelievible, a real dream come true. I was crying when I got the news. Great work, I can not say more. :) They were competing also in Estonia, and again winners of class and a new title RH-FL B.

Luma and Jaakko won tollers agility competition maxi -class, and they came tollers agility winner of the year.

Sade hips A/A, elbows 0/0.

Nalli obedience TK2. (openclass 1st prize x3)

Really many of Siipiveikon dogs were participating on hunting on autumn. It was so great to get those messages!

Remember our kennelmeeting on 24.4-26.4!

Ruutis puppies have moved to new homes. Good luck to everyone of them!

Neva is pregnant, so our first working labrador litter is a bit more closer.

On tollers bloodtracking competition we got a a new champion: Voima and Pete got 1st prize, 49 points and best tracking if the tracking situation would be real. Also Voimas sister Pippa got 1st prize in openclass.

Luca hips B/B, elbows 0/0, eyes OK.

Sade show very good.

We had a shooting day for our dog owners. Duck hunting season is coming in two days, so it is important to be a good shooter too.

Ruutis puppies has grown a lot. They spend most of their days outside playing in our garden. All are really social and fearless puppies. After a cancel we have one female puppy available.

Neva started her heat a bit early. I travelled to Denmark and she is mated with DK FTCH DK TM MPM 2013 Jobeshill Olof "Brimson". We had such a great holiday, and I was really happy after seeing Brimson. Thanks Carsten and Eva about everything!

Oonas puppies had a training meeting, and puppies dads owner Päivikki was teaching them.

Obedience Finnish championships Nalli got openclass 1st prize 176,67p and came 14/73. Niilo got 2nd prize and camed 39/73.

Voima passed water rescue test with exellent points 100/100.

Riki huntingtest winnersclass 3rd prize.

Zelda best of breed ans certification. One more to go!

Ruuti gave birth 9.6. We got 5 boys and 3 girls. Ruuti is exellent mother, but in beginning she did not produce enought milk. One of boys did not had enough will to live, so he had to move to rainbow bridge. Now things are ok with all of them, and I love the puppysmell when I go to kitchen.

Neva had her first start in WT. And with great success: openclass 1st prize, and she camed first. Then they started first time in huntingtests openclass, and again first prize and workers choice as best dog of the test.

Riki started first time in winnersclass huntingtests. And they got 3rd prize! He is 9th toller ever in Finland who has prizes from winneclass. 3 of them are bred by us, and one of them is our Kiia. I have to admit I'm really proud.

Zelda started in beginnersclass huntingtest, and they got 3rd prize.

Voima started in beginnersclass huntingtest, and they got 2nd prize.

Viski started in Finnish championships agility,and got 2 good competitions.

And last but not least: Simo and Hanna will be competing in IPOR WORLDCHAMPIONSHIPS in Italy! This is one of breeders a dream come true.

We arranged a unofficial huntingtest to Siipiveikon -dogs. It was a sunny day and we had really fun. Pictures from training.

Niilo (SV Pelleilee Pellolla) NOU1 = passed retrieving test.

Voima (SV Viis Voimasta) bloodtracking winnersclass 1st prize. One more to go and he will be a champion.

Ruuti is pregnant! Puppies expected 9.6.2014.

Vilppu hips A/A, elbows 0/0.

Our labrador Neva EIC free, CNM free, MFD/SD2 free. Great!

We had our kennelmeeting. It was so great to spend our time with good friends and to train dogs. Katja Koliini was teaching puppies, Pia Back juniors and Jari Särkänlahti adults. Huge thanks to them too!
Pictures from meeting.

Kiia camed 11 years at kennelmeeting. She is still going strong.

Ukko celebrated his 1st birthday. He is such a great companion. He loves all kind of games and still he has an off-button. He is really big, but there is just more of Ukko to love. :)

Aida obedience beginners 1st prize, 187 points and winner of the class.

Zelda show BOS and first certification.

Tia bloodtracking openclass 1st prize 44 points.

Repe showd first hyposmell spontaniously in hypodogtraining.

p.s. Ruuti is a bit more hungry than normally. Maybe, maybe.

Lets start with sad news. Lyytis stomack did not grow normally, so I took her to a vet. Sadly she have had some kind of infection in her uterus, and all her puppies are dead. Now we just wait for them to come out. Lyyti has been ok all time, and you don't see anything from her outward. This was heartbreaking, I have to admit. I have been crying a lot.

Life must continue, even if it doesn't feel fair. Ruuti is now mated with Remu.

I have also done new pages to Siipiveikon in facebook. There you will find new happenings what we are going to do, and also some training session to dogs bred by us.
Siipiveikon facebook -pages

Oonas puppies has moved to new homes. 4 of puppies lives nearby, and two are living 3,5 hours from us only 30km between them. It will be great to have meetings together!

Goza hips A/A elbows 0/0, Tia B/B 0/0.

Pippa obedience openclass 2 x 1st prize.

Zelda and Annika in middle Finlands districts juniorhandling competition 3rd.

Nalli obedience openclass 1st prize.

On Mäntän talvinome (traditional unofficial retrieving competition to all retrievers with game in beginners class) we had a great success. In beginners (with game) Pippa did great job and was the best toller of the day. Openclass Nessa won whole class (19 retrievers!), Simo came 5th. Winnersclass Riki did a nice job. And in kennelteams we camed 5th. Great work from all!

Yesterday Lyyti camed here for a puppyholiday. It is so fun to see how a dog with great nerves just comes in to our gang with all kids and dogs, just as she has been here always.

Ruuti started her heat, and she will be mated at next week.

Puppies and Oona are fine. They have started to get new adventures in our kitchen.

Lyyti was mated with Charley. Everything went out fine and easily, so now fingers crossed for puppies.

Muusa, Vilppu and Vala eyes ok. Zelda, Simo and Sade mild distichiasis. Kelmi, Simo and Vilppu heart normal.

Nalli became best obedience toller in Valkeakoski Kennelklub. They got also a prize of their great success in Finnish obedience championships for young persons.

Vala got elit class 2nd prize in obedience.

Oonas puppies are born. 1 girl and 5 boys. Everything went out fine, all puppies and Oona are feeling OK.

Next puppies are planned to Lyyti. Read more from Puppies.

Riki was best huntingtest toller of year 2013. This was 9th year when we got this reward to our Kiia or some of her puppies. Already from year 2005. Incredible!

Vala was best winners class obedience toller, and she was also best obedience dog of year 2013 in her own area club.

Sade eyes ok, mild distichiasis.

Niilo obedience openclass 1st prize.

Kelmi became father of 6 puppies in Middle Island kennel.

Vimmas puppies has moved to their new homes. Theo to Helsinki, Kössi to Janakkala, Cara to Tampere and Keiju to Gablingen Germany. Good luck to new homes!

After a long time thinking, we decided to use Oona for breeding. She is now 8,5 years, but you can not see that on her. She is on perfect condition. Breeding was so called "double breeding", so hopefully there will be puppies for both males. We will do genetest for puppies to know who is whos dad. More information from Puppies -section.

Niilo (SV Pelleilee Pellolla) hips A/A, elbows 0/0, knees 0/0. He is now neutered because of cryptorchidism.

Simo (SV Hanhenhoukuttelija) got his reward for saving a life of a human.

Kingi (SV Kaislikon Kuningas) tracked a wounded deer and found it.

Vimma got 2 girls and 2 boys. Birth was really fast, it was under 20 minutes and everyone was out. Everything is going ok with all of them, and Vimma is great mother.

Ruuti will not have puppies. Disappointment is huge, but noses towards new plans.

Rasmus becamed obedience champion. Now he has 3 different champion titles: obedience, bloodtracking and show. Amazing team with his owner Päivikki.

Simo will get a hero dog reward on Helsinki international dog show on December. He found a lost person last winter and saved her life.

Simo got also a new title RH-TA from IPOR-A ruin test.

Niilo (SV Pelleilee Pellolla) started his obedience career with beginners class 1st prize, 183p and honour prize.

Osku (SV Pohjoisen Pelloilla) hips A/A, elbows 0/0, knees 0/0.

First of all, we got a new baby princess in our family. She is real cutie! It is always great to see how nicely our dogs accepts new familymembers. Nothing to worry about. Even Ukko who has never seen so small babys: Loveyouloveyouloveyou. licklicklick.

Ruuti was inseminated 2.10. Now just fingers crossed!

Our first litter turned 7 years. It has been great to be with you within these years. Hopefully there are many more to come!

Voima passed AD-test, and he passed also behaving test for working dogs (BH).

Simo passed again search test for search and rescuedogs with degree exellent.

Viski is qualified to Finnish agility championships for year 2014.

Too much to write, but I try to put it all here:

Vimma is confirmed to be pregnant. Puppies will be born about 28.10. Also Ruuti started her heat, and she will be mated with frozen sperm within days. Sire will be Canadian CH Seabright's Start Me Up WCX MH RN NSDTR(US)WC "Mick".

From tollers huntingtest Simo got 1st prize from beginnersclass, Riki 3rd prize from open. On show Kiia got vg, Oona exc, Vimma vg, Intro exc+hp and best workingmale 3, Zelda exc+hp and best working female 3, Simo exc, Ruuti exc. On progeny group with Kiia we camed 4th.

Riki continued his great huntingtest season, and he got 1st prize again in openclass B-tests. Now he will start in winnersclass at next year. He will be 3rd of Kiias puppies in winnersclass. This is something unbelievable!

Lyyti has continued her great obedience career. On her last competition she got 1st prize again, 192p, HP and TK1. She will move to openclass.

Ruuti, Tia and Lyyti has been in eye-check. Ruuti and Tia had ok eyes, Lyyti had one extra lash in other eye and few in other. This has never made any problems to her and lashes were small and soft, so maybe she will have puppies at next year.

Rasmus had visitors from Germany. Hopefully they will have puppies with Gayyjt.

Simo was participating on IPOR search A, and won the whole test. He will get a new title RH FL A.

Nalli got 3rd 1st prize from obedience, and got a new title TK1.

Viski loves agility! Last weekend they had 6 starts, and 5 with zero faults (one with 5 fp). Now they will need only one more 0-result, and they will get already all qualifiqations to Finnish agility championships at next year.

Duckhunting -season has started! Nice retrieves to our own dogs, and also dogs bred by us.

Vimma is now mated with Kenobi. Everything work out very well, even tought I had to take a really fast fly because of Vimmas progesterones. Vimma and Kenobi really loved each other, and now we are keeping fingers crossed for puppies. Thanks Lisa about everything!

Tollers bloodtracking championshipments went really fine with Siipiveikon -dogs. On winnersclass we got a new bloodtracking champion, when Siipiveikon Sannisyyshehku got their 1st prize 3rd time. They also won winnersclass. Voima got also 1st prize from winnersclass, and they came 3rd. Nuutti was trying to find more living birds than a bloodtrack, but they got 3rd prize. On openclass Rigo got 1st prize and he camed 2nd in his class with same points as winner. Congrats to all tollers and their owners!

Also Ruuti was in bloodtracking competition, and she got openclass 1st prize with 47 points. Next summer she will start in winnersclass, great!

Next weekend we will have tollers huntingcompetition and tollershow. First year for a long time we don't have a dog to participate on huntingtest: Vimma and Muusa are having their heat, Oona has been in real hunting, not practicing huntingtests, I don't think Kiia will hear anymore on long distances in winnersclass lots over 100 meters and some tasks on openclass could be a bit difficult to Neva. So we are just watching. On show we will be, but it is nothing compared to hunting.

Vimmas heat has started. She will be mated in Germany at next week with Kenobi, Devilish Kenobi the Diligent Red Hunter. More information under Puppies.

Lots of new nice results, including Nallis and Katariinas gold medal in Finnish championschips for young leaders in obedience:

Vimma huntingtests openclass 3rd prize. She was ok, but free search was too slow and waterline too heavy.

Neva WT beginnersclass 1st prize 81p and placement to 1st. Ville was really satisfied how she worked.

Riki huntingtest openclass 3rd prize.

Ruuti huntingtest beginnersclass 3rd prize with great critique.

Then some bloodtracking results:
Voima openclass 1st prize 46p and best in his class. From second bloodtracking they got also 1st prize with 40 points, so they are heading to winnersclass!

Ruuti openclass 1st prize 44p.

Rigo openclass 1st prize 48p and from other competition they got 3rd prize.

Tia (SV Palloilee Pellolla) 11months got 3rd prize 28points from their first bloodtracking competition.

Nalli and Katariina got obedience goldmedal from Finnish championships for young leaders in beginnersclass. I don't have to tell how proud I am!

Lyyti got from her first obedience competition beginnersclass 1st prize, honour prize, 181,5 points and was first in their class.

There has been too many accidents also happening to dogs bred by us: a snake bite to nose, a bee stab to throat, hospital bacterial infection in a liver and in gall bladder, neck muscle hurting (and first we were afraid of SRMA because neck was in pain. They took spinalfluid sample to be 100% sure it isn't anything to do with autoimmuno. Thank good it wasn't but of course you are losing your mind with things like that). So now we have enought of accidents, please no more!

How time flies! There has been so many happenings.

Muusa got her litter. There was only one BIG boy, Ukko. He is adorable, and lets see how he develepes.

On April I participated tollerclubs day for breeders. Important things, unfortunately there was not so many breeders participating. On May we arranged a unofficial huntingtest for dogs bred by us. It was so nice to see so many of you, almost one class only Siipiveikon-dogs. Great to have active puppyowners.

On June Vimma, Aliisa and I had an exiting day: Final exam for being hypodog for diabetic. And Vimma passed the test with full points! Now we just follow how she shows low bloodsugarlevels in normal life, and in December we will hopefully get Vimma to a real helperdog for a diabetic.

Neva started on official huntingtest beginnersclass twice on June, and she got two 1st prizes with great attitude. Ville and Neva was starting on workingtest, and they got super points before finals (77/80). On finals Neva retrieved a plastic ducks instead of dummy, so it was 0. So things can happen, you will never know.

I was visiting at Germany with Päivikki to meet local tollerowners and their dogs. We also met Rasmus becoming fiancee Gaayjt. Really nice trip, thanks again!

Vimma tested as CEA-A.

Then dogs bred by us:

Rasmus was choosen on toller workingtest as a toller of that test. Riikka (owner of Pippa) took Vimma with her ( I stayed at home waiting for Muusas birth), and it was her first workingtest what Riikka ever saw. And she was participating on openclass. Nice to own a dog who you can trust, even they got 0.

Viski and Luma was both in agilitys Finnish championships. Both did small mistakes, but still a possibility to take a part was great.

Riki got 1st prize from openclass huntingtest B (with cold game) and became judges choice. They got also openclass 2nd prize, so I believe soon we will have again one more Siipiveikko at winnersclass huntingtests.

Kelmi mentaldescription +122p and secure with guns.

Simo got 2nd prize from obedience beginnersclass.

Nessa passed MH-test, and acted how she usually acts.

Vala got obedience 1st prize from winnersclass with super points 305, honour prize and camed 1/7. She got also 1 prize from obedience winnersclass earlier.

Ruuti participated again on junior handling, and on Rovaniemi international dog show on Finnish championship tournament she camed 3rd with her handler Samuel 12 years.

Nalli obedience beginnersclass 2nd prize 159,5p (only a half point missing from first prize).

Susa in Sweden obedience openclass 1st prize, 188,5 points, honour prize and becamed first in her class. They started also at heelwork to music, and camed second and passed to next class.

Aida dogshow very good.

Visa in Sweden tollingtest beginnersclass 1st prize, honour prize and best dog of a whole test. They got also beginnersclass 2nd prize from other tollingtest.

I started with Zelda at unofficial huntingtest because her owner was on bloodtracking competition. Zelda did a great job with really less training, I did only two training with her before. Just a little bit more training and she will be great. We got 2nd prize and camed to second.

Pippa scared us really bad. She started to puke and was unwilling. Vet found propably an infection from her liver, and now antibiotics are working and she is better. Now we just wait for her to get much better soon.

Voima obedience beginnersclass 3rd prize.

Osku (SV Pohjoisen Pelloilla) passed retrievingtest only 10 months old. Great!

Tiia (SV Palloilee Pellolla) good from a show because of her high white socks.

Litterplans for autumn has moves one step forward. We are planning again an active tollers especially for huntingtests.

On weekend we had a kennelmeeting. On saturday we had a small workingtest and on sunday we had dummytraining. Teacher were Maarit Nikkanen and Sanna Rantanen.It was nice to see you all!

Viis -litter Voima X-rayd: A/A, 0/0 and healthy back. Whole Viis-litter is x-rayd, and all of them are A/A ja 0/0.

Ruuti PRA-A CEA-A.

Vala obedience winners class 1st prize.

Viski and Luma from 1-litter has cot qualifications to Finnish agility championships!

Rasmus again best Finnish toller from huntingtests year 2012. This prize has been with Kiia or with her child already from year 2005. Pretty amazing, I must admit.

Simo (again) working trial toller af the year 2012.

Vimma at unofficial huntingtest with Ville, and she camed 3rd in openclass (all retrievers included). Also Neva (our labrador) participated in beginnersclass, and did a nice job.

Now Muusa has been mated with Timbers frozen semen. Fingers crossed!

Visa (SV Viis Veisaa) x-rayd in Sweden: A/A, 0/0. Great!

Muusa has started her heat. Soon she will have her best days. Exiting!

Kelmi (SV Telkäntuho) was eye-checked again, and now his eyes were totally clear. Great!

Nessas (SV Lokinluovuttaja) puppies and Vilppu (SV Tuulta Päin) had a puppymeeting. It was nice to see you all!

Male for next litter is decided. He will be Canadian Timber (GMH MBPIG CH Redland's Ahoy There Seabright AOM WCX). See more from puppies.

Zelda (SV Viis Verijäljestä) hips A/A elbows 0/0.

Vimma (SV Sorsansurma) and I were 3 days on traing to be a hypodog. Now she will find and show to me a hyposmell from a normal bloodsugarlevels smell. I'm thrilled about her nose!

For next year I don't have any special wishes. I hope some of my puppyplans will come true. I also hope that all my puppyowners are happy to their dogs, and for dogs I wish health and nice retrieves.

Puppies page is reloaded. More information of the male will follow.

A while ago Simo and Hanna had to go for a real search for a missing person at Sastamala. It was minus 20 degrees, but after 11 hours Simo and Hanna found her alive. They are our true heroes!

We spend Finnish independence day on a dogshow. There was many Siipiveikon dogs participating. Zelda got VG and came 2nd on workingclass, Vala got good, Muusa got VG and came 3rd on championclass. Voima got satisfing on workingclass (he was not moving properly), Remu got VG 4 on openclass, Simo Exellent and CK on champion class and came 4th and Kingi vg 2 on championclass. We got Honour Prize from breedingclass, and our breeding group (Zelda, Muusa, Kingi Simo) was BIS3!

Rasmus (SV Rasmusrepohäntä) got 1st prize from obedience, and now they are missing only one from obediece champion (and he will become triple champion). Congrats Päivikki!

Vimma (SV Sorsansurma) passed first step on her way to be a helper dog for diabetic.

We had our kennelmeeting in the beginning of November. On Saturday we had huntingtraining, and on Sunday obedience, show, and bloodtracking. There were more than 40 people participating, and it was so fun to see you all! Lets meet again in spring.

Neva (our labrador) was X-rayd with great results: A/A and 0/0.

I have forgotten to write it here: we are practicing with our Vimma to be a diabeticdog. She should learn to show too low and too high bloodsugar levels. It is really fun to train, but of course it takes time. That is reason why our other dogs has got a longer holidays without any competitions. Our school is going to continue untill next summer, and first exam will be at next month. Exiting (and a bit frightening too)!

Then results:

Rasmus (SV Rasmusrepohäntä) got winnersclass 2nd prize from workingtest. Now he and his sister Muusa are only tollers in Finland who has prizes from WT and huntingtests winnersclass. I'm so proud of them.

Viski (SV Viskivilliviini) becamed agilitychampion. He is 5th maxi agilitychampion in Finland. You rock!

Kingi (SV Kaislikon Kuningas) becamed show champion in Turku international show. They got res-cacib and were 3rd male. Kingi is first champion from our Muusa.

Pippa (SV Viis Vainusta) was x-rayd: A/A, 0/0.

Simo (SV Hanhenhoukuttelija) got passed search test for search and rescuedogs with degree exellent. He has been also showing tollers versatility in many different exhibitions: for example at one of them he was hanging from roof and showing rescuevests for dogs.

Nessas puppies has moved to their new homes. Sade (SV Pisaroita Pellolla) moved to mother Nessas and Rillas home, Goza (SV Pomppii Pellolla) to Sweden with father Hyzz, Osku (SV Pohjoisen Pelloilla) to Rovaniemi, Niilo (SV Pelleilee Pellolla) to Pieksämäki, Tia (SV Palloilee Pellolla) to Vaasa, Luka (SV Pinkoo Pellolla) to Oripää and Repe (SV Pelastaa Pellolla) to Vantaa. Good luck to all little cuties, and lets keep in touch in future too!

Own dogs Muusa and our working labrador Neva got clear from eye-exam. This means that our future puppyplans moved a little forward. Watch more from Puppies-section. Neva was also X-rayd, and we are waiting for her results.

Ruuti (SV Täyttä Ruutia) got also healthy eyes. Also Nuutti (SV Pyhät Pyssyt) was eye-examined, and he got multifocal RD. There is no harm for him with that, and he will go to a new exam next year.

Then results:

Nalli (SV Nalli Napsahtaa) passed retrievingtest.

Susa (SV Kaislikko Kuiskii) passed Swedish "apporteringtest", which is Swedish retrievingtest. Great work Ammie!

Riki (SV Variksenviejä) got 3rd prize from openclass huntingtest-B.

Rasmus (SV Rasmusrepohäntä) 3rd prize from winnersclass huntintest-B. Great to have also Rasmus to tollers who has got prizes from winnersclass. Now there is two tollers competing in winnersclass: Muusa and his brother Rasmus. Also their mother Kiia has a prize from winnersclass (9 tollers ever in Finland has got it).


Puppies are growing and getting bigger. Everything is fine with them and Nessa, and they are all such a cuties.

Then a lots of results (I hope I remember them all):
Vala (SV Piiput Kuumina) passed retrievingtest.

Voima (SV Viis Voimasta) passed retrievingtest.

Zelda (SV Viis Verijäljestä) passed tretrievingtest. Now all of Kiias 19 puppies (one died at age of 4,5 months in a car accident, so he doesn't have any results) has got results from retrievingtests. This is quite exeptional achievement with tollers. I have to thank my puppyowners too, you are so great!

Kingi (SV Kaislikon Kuningas) passed retrievingtest.

Nalli (SV Nalli Napsahtaa) not passed, because he did like too much about one bird. I know he will pass in future too.

Visa (SV Viis Veisaa) got 2nd prize from tollingtest, and they camed 5th on competing juniortoller master. Way to go Sussie!

On Finnish tollers huntingtest we didn't get any good prizes, but feeling to work with my girls was great. For that feeling I'm ready to give thousands and thousands hours of hard work. It was nice to compete, when we have so great team around us. Congrats to new tollermaster Minna and Viljo!

Next day we had our Tollershow. There were many Siipiveikkos participating, and we had a great team spirit. Simos owner Hanna had brought something to drink to all of us, and others did bring something to eat. In junior bitches SV Viis Vainusta VG, Working males SV Hanhenhoukuttelija EXC4, SV Telkäntuho EXC, SV Variksenviejä EXC, SV Kyyhkynkyttääjä VG. Working females Vimma SV Sorsansurma EXC, champion bitches SV Muusametsätähti EXC, SV Täyttä Ruutia EXC. At veterans our dear Kiia Damiikan Keck got EXC. On breeders class we got HP and in progeny class with Kiia and workingclass males we camed 4th. On juniorhandling Emilia and Samuel went with Ruuti and Muusa, and both of them won their own age groups. Really nice day with great team.

Huntingseason has also started. In beginning we got Oona and Kiia, and so far we have got about 20 retrieves. It has been nice to read reports from our puppyowners from their huntingtrips, because this is what tollers are made for!

Rasmus (SV Rasmusrepohäntä) got his last sertification, and now he is a new champion. They got also second prize from special winnersclass in obedience. It was only 2 points from first prize, but you can't win every time.

Simo (SV Hanhenhoukuttelija) got BOS, Cacib and sertification from Sweden, and now he is also SE CH (s) and CIE!

Nuutti (SV Pyhät Pyssyt) got two 1st prize from bloodtracking, and now they will move to winners class.

Aida (SV Kaislikosta Kajahtaa) got second prize from obedience beginners class.

Susa (SV Kaislikko Kuiskii) got openclass 1st prize in obedience at Sweden, and now they will go towars winnersclass.

Kelmi (SV Telkäntuho) passed water rescuetest, and now they have a permission to compete on it.

Yesterday we went in toller obedience championships with Muusa (SV Muusametsätähti)(where was only a few toller by the way, mostly other breeds). We won openclass with 1st prize, 184 points, HP and TK2. Great, now noses towards winnersclass! Congrats to other tollers too!


Nessa had her puppies. 4 males, 3 females. Everything went fine, and Nessa knew immediately how to be great mother. I'm so proud of her and her puppies.

Lyyti (Siipiveikon Kaislikossa Lymyää) passed retrievingtest. We saw her working a few weeks ago, and I'm not suprised she passed. Great!

Kingi (Siipiveikon Kaislikon Kuningas) Vesilahti show Best male, Best of opposite sex and sertification.

Rasmus (Siipiveikon Rasmusrepohäntä) at same Vesilahti show Best male2 and reserv-sertification. Congratulations both!

Nuutti (Siipiveikon Pyhät Pyssyt) participated to tollers MH-description, and he acted as nice workingdogs should do.

Kelmi (Siipiveikon Telkäntuho) at Kuopio show same results on both days: exellent, CK, best male at workingclass.


Soon Nessa is going to have her puppies. Maybe at next night.

Pippa (Siipiveikon Viis Vainusta) passed retrievingtest. Great work Riku and Riikka!

Vala (Siipiveikon Piiput Kuumina) was participating at retrievingtest. Unfortunately she didn't get a seagull, but she did great search job. Next time, better luck!

Remu (Siipiveikon Kaislikko Kaatuu) hips A/A, elbows 0/0. Jihaa!

Vimma (Siipiveikon Sorsansurma) got exellent from a show.


Great results:

Siipiveikon Kyyhkynkyttäjä "Samu" passed retrievingtest. Now all from Kiias puppies from litters 1&2 (15 puppies) has passed retrievingtest. None has ever done this before. I'm so proud!

Siipiveikon Hanhenhoukuttelija "Simo" was today at Kokkola international show Best of opposite sex and he got cacib. Now he will became international champion. Great!

Nessa is getting bigger and bigger. She will move here within two weeks.


Nessa was at ultrasound, and we are going to have puppies at the beginning of August.


We spend our midsummer training with our puppyowners. We are going to have Nessas ultrasound on next week. Exiting! She is showing some signs of pregnancy, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Last weekend was super:

First Riki got 1:st prize from huntingtests beginnersclass with cold game!

Then Simo passed tracking test for search and rescuedogs with degree very good. Now he is a rescuedog from three different areas.

And last but not least: Viski was 14th in Finnish agilitychampionships, and he was best of all retrievers.

I'm so proud. I have always told, that good working abilities in field makes dogs to good working companions to many different hobbies. Great job!


Back at home! Matingtrip to Sweden was easy and fun, so now we have fingers crossed for puppies. Nessas progesterone started to rise quite slowly, and she was mated at days 19-21. Hyzz was so nice as I felt in first trip, and they fell in love immediately. So hopefully we will have puppies in the beginning of August.

We have a new champion in our Siipiveikon-team: FI CH Siipiveikon Täyttä Ruutia "Ruuti". She is from Oona-Ducke -litter, and she just came 2 years. She got 3 sertifications from 6 shows, and already at last summer she passed retrieving test. Great job Ruuti and family, ans special thanks to Emilia! :)

Vala got first prize from obedience openclass, 181 points and HP.

Susa from Sweden competed again in Rally Obedience. They got again first prize, and now they will move to winners class. Now Susa is RLD N RLD F Siipiveikon Kaislikko Kuiskii.

Kingi got 3:rd pize from bloodtracking.

Kelmi got 3rd prize from Mölleri, unofficial retrievingtest for tollers. He camed 3/9. His brother Rigo got unfortunately 0, but more practice and training.

And I was with Muusa in huntingtest winnersclass. It was not our day, but we won't give up!


Father to Nessan litter is now announced. Because Nessa started her heat so early, we got more exitement for Sara trying to find an eye-exam time for his male. Now it is done, and he had healthy eyes. Male for Nessas litter will be LP1 LP2 LP3 SE VCH NORD UCH C.I.B C.I.E Fagerlands Röda Hyzz De Amorex "Hyzz". Thanks for Sara this possibility! Now we are waiting for a right time to go to Sweden.

Our working labrador Neva (Highhut's Eleonorae) passed retrieving test very easily. It was our goal for this summer, so lets see what Ville will do with her in future.

Muusas puppies are already 2 years! Concratulations all!

Susa (SV Kaislikko Kuiskii) got first prize from rally obedience, and won her class with 96/100 points (50 participators)! Now she got RLD N. They started already in rally obediece open class, and got first prize too (96/100points). Then they started at beginners class obedience, and got 1st prize too. I'm so proud of you, way to go girls!

Kingi was at bloodtracking, but unfortunately they got 0. Kingi was too interested about living animals, but better luck next time.


Vimmas puppy moved to his new home to Elina and Tommi. They live at Tammerfors about 30km from us. His real name is now Siipiveikon Tuulta Päin, and he will be called Vilppu. He is really open and fearless puppy, and I'm looking forward to see how he developes in future. Good luck!

Nessa (Siipiveikon Lokinluovuttaja) decided to start her heat earlier than expected. I have a male for her in my mind, and he will be announced at next week.

Siipiveikon-team participated to unofficial WT-test. All got good experience and new trainingtips.

Kiia was sterilized and they took at same time few small mammary tumors from her. She had her 9th birtday, and she is still going strong in her mind and body.

Riki (SV Variksenviejä) passed behavingtest, and now he got title BH.

Susa (SV Kaislikko Kuiskii) got two first prizes in Rally-obedience in Sweden.

Kingi (SV Kaislikon Kuningas) got exellent, CK ,won youth class and best male 4.

Lyyti (SV Kaislikossa Lymyää) got very good from a show.

Aida (SV Kaislikosta Kajahtaa) got from her first obedience competition beginnersclass 2nd prize and 146 points. They got also very good from a show.

Ruuti (SV Täyttä Ruutia) got exellent, CK and CERT and BOS. She has been also with her young handler Emilia (14 years) in juniorhandling competitions, and at Lahti they camed fourth of over 40 participators in Finnish championship tournament. Last weekend at Tampere show they were participating in national team qualifier, and they got in best group of 10 (60 participators). Unfortunately only 5 will go to national team. Emilia is still so young, so they will get really far.

Pippa (SV Viis Vainusta) got in her first show exellent, CK, reserv sertification and best female 2.

Viski (SV Viskivilliviini), Riki (SV Variksenviejä) and Kingi (SV Kaislikon Kuningas) at eye exam. All had healthy eyes, Kingi had a small distichiasis.

Good luck everybody!

We participated with Neva and Muusa to Nevas breeders (Highhut's) training weekend. Trainer was Graham Slater from UK. Weekend was great, and dogs worked out well. It was nice to see that also Graham liked them, and he told that in his opinion Muusa was much better than working goldens in UK. Thanks for this compliment.


Vimma had her litter on Thursday 22.3. We got only one boy. He looks just like his father. Vimma has been supermama. Her temperature started to drop at Thursday morning, and I thought she could start her birth on friday. Ville was leaving to work for at night, and he was putting his coat on. I watched to puppybox, and Vimma was having her first pushs! Without any scratching on floor, not being unsure or stressed or anything. I didn't see her openingstage, and usually it can take more than 24 hours from first timers. Just pushing her puppies out. So Ville didn't leave to work, and I called to my mother to come just in case if we have to leave to vet so there will be someone with kids. Boy camed easily, and he was immediately going to have some milk. He was almost walking. Then there camed only water bag, nothing in birth canal. We were joking that Ville and Vimma just wanted to have waterballoons from Germany. Then I felt a leg in birth canal, but puppy took really many pushes to come just a little more out. And we saw why: She was coming abdomed up, back down (and backlegs first)! I have never seen a puppy coming in that positision before. She was stucked, but Vimma could push her until puppys ribs stopped her. I didn't have enough force to get her out, Ville had to take her. When we got her out I understood she was gone. There was only few minutes before I felt her kicking in birth canal, and now she was gone. I tried to give her some air to her lungs, and we tried to make her better, but there was nothing we could do. Vimma was licking and licking her, and she even tried to put her tongue to her mouth to get water out, but she was dead. She had perfect white spots and a really big white star in her head. I was really disappointed and sad. After crying whole night I accepted it, and now I'm glad that we got a big and strong boy. Vimma is great with him.

After this small litter, we are planning even more Nessas litter for summer. More info will come in this spring.

Then results:
Oonas puppies will be two years, congratulations!

Viski and Teresa has demanded results to participate again in Finnish championships in agilty. They need just one more sertification to come Finnish agility champion.

Sanni and Mervi got TK2 in obedience class 2 and now they will move to winnersclass.

Rasmus and Päivikki got 2nd prize from obedience class 4.

Ruutis hips B/B and elbows 0/0. Nessas eyes clear.

Simo and Hanna has been first time in real search for disappeared human. Disappeared was not in their area, but Simo was working great even there was 3 helicopters and dogwalkers on search area. Kingi showed how versatile toller can be: He has been in raccoon dog hunting. They have got 6 of them in winter. He has found caves of raccoon dogs, then they put a terrier to those nests.

Congratulations to all of you!


On Thursday 9.2.2012 we got a new little babygirl in to our family. Dogs have accepted her nicely, and they act as baby has always belonged to our family. At same day also Kelmis family got a new baby girl, congratulations!

Then some results:
Rasmus was best huntingtest toller of year 2011! Muusa was best in winnersclass, Rasmus in openclass and Riki in beginnersclass. So triple winning for us as breeder. :) This was 7:th (!) year when Kiia or some of her offsprings has win this title. Simo was workingdog of year 2011. Riki was best openclass toller in obedience, and Rasmus becamed 2:n in TOP-toller of the year. Thanks to you all!

Then some health results: Oonas puppies x-rays: Nuutti B/B 0/0, Vala B/B 0/0, Nalli C/C (not tight hips)0/0 and we are waiting for Ruutis hips from Kennelclub, they looked normal. Muusas puppies X-rays: Aida B/B 0/0, Kingi A/A 0/0, Lyyti A/A 0/0. Kelmi was in eye-exam, and he got as result non-hereditary kataract, suspicious. Doctor told that this does not look like a normal cataract, and if it looks same at next year she will say it is not a cataract.

Kingi was at Turku dog show, and he got exellent.

And last but not least: Vimma seems to be pregnant. She is having signs of it, but we haven't done an ultrasound with her. If I'm not sure at next week, we will go to vet to check it. But I would say she is going to have puppies. Exiting!


Vimma <3 Gunner! Vimma has been mated in Germany 15-17.1.2012. Matings were really easy, and after few minutes they fell in love. Ville and Vimma went and came back with airplane, because it was a lot faster. Vimma was relaxed in airplane and everything else was ok (dog was where she was supposed to be and so on), so now thumbs up for puppies. They were supposed to come back on Thursday, but because matings happend immediately we changed return to Wednesday. Good for that, because on Thursday there camed horrible snowstorm, and it would be not nice to be in airplane with dog in that weather. Gunners owner Ute was a really big help with practical things, and Ville was thrilled about her and her familys hospitality. So my biggest and deepest thanks to her.

If everything goes as planned, we can have puppies about 18 of March. Puppies are seeking for active homes who are interested about huntingtests and/or hunting and other activities.


Vimmas eys clear, so puppyplans are one step closer.


Vimmas heat has started! Now it is just waiting for a mating. Vimmas eye-exam is also at next tuesday. Fingers crossed with everything. You can read more about under puppies -section.

18.12 we had a meeting for Viis puppies, and on 6.1.12 we had a meeting to all dogs bred by us. We had rented a hall, and on other half we had obedience and on other half we had show-training. Then good eating and nice chatting with great people. Super!


Today Vimma got in openclass obedience 1st price, 185 points and honour price. She was really nice, and I was enjoying doing with her.

Nalli (Siipiveikon Nalli Napsahtaa) was also at same obedience competition, and he got 2nd price and 140 points. Nice beginning Katariina!

Riki got in openclass obedience 1st price, TK2 and was placed 1/3. I have forgotten to mention that they got exellent at Seinäjoki dogshow october.

Kelmi was at Jyväskylä dogshow. On saturday he got exellent and was placed second in workingclass and on sunday he got exellent and was placed 1st in workingclass.

At Helsinki dogshow young Ruuti was participating in juniorhandler competition (tournament of Finnish championship) with Emilia. They were placed 5/31. Great job, because in the beginning she was supposed to have a different dog and Ruuti was just sleeping in the car. :)

On Finlands indepence day at Tampere dogshow all Siipiveikon dogs got exellent. Kingi got exellent 1st in youthclass, Nuutti exellent and 2nd in huntingclass and Vala exellent, CK and 2:nd in youthclass.

Then one result what I REALLY do appreciate. Simo (Vimmas brother) passed polices authority test, and now he is really part of rescuedogs for searching missing humans. Dogpolice who was observing test told that he did exellent job. Tollers really can do everything with good owner!


I got some nice news from our puppyowner. Oonas puppy Siipiveikon Kovat Piipussa "Remu" was bloodtracking wounded elk and he found it. He has been used in duck hunting too, and he has got some nice retrieves. Good!

I was in obedience competition with Vimma, and we got 1:st price and we won our class in openclass. On second competition we missed only 0,5 points from first price. It is so nice to do obediece with her.

Riki (Vimmas brother) was in unofficial mentaltest (judge was real judge, but test was unofficial). He got 208 points and fine with shooting. Great!


Lets start with sad news. Siipiveikon Viis Viimasta "Rafu" 4,5 months got hitted by a car and he died immediately. We are so sorry, and I hope that Rafu's family will get over this sadness. This is life. :(

Then some better news:
Riki got in openclass obedience 1:st price, 182,5 points, was first of seven dogs and got honour prize.

We had a meeting to Viis-puppies. It was so nice to see you, and it was fun to see how they are somekind of mix from their mother and father. I liked them a lot.

Vimma will propably start her heat sooner or later. She is acting like her seasons are close, but we will see. Usually she will wait until her bigger sisters starts their heat, but on the other hand Kiia just started it. So we will wait and see.

Huntingseason begun! We had our Oona and Kiia with us, but unfortunately we didn't get too many ducks. But it was fun to see how Kiia loves searching in long grass, she is really made for it.

Highligt of autumn was at last weekend: Kennelmeeting with Redadict. We had Anita and Sanna from Sweden as our teachers, and I believe that everyone who participated got new ideas for own training. BIG thanks to our teachers and to Annina of organisation!

Lots has happend to our "puppies":

Most scary thing happend to Aida (Siipiveikon Kaislikosta Kajahtaa), who got lost. She found in next day from few kilometres away: She wanted to play with some unknown children at their summer cottage, but she didn't found her way back home so she sleeped one night outside. It was marvellous to her that hear tail was swinging, and she didn't get scared at all. She just seemed to had a nice little vacation. :)

Vala (Siipiveikon Piiput Kuumina) got from two obedience tests two 1:st prices from beginnersclass, so now she has titel TK1.

Riki (Siipiveikon Variksenviejä) got from obedience openclass 1:st price, 195 point and was 1/6. He got also openclass 2:nd price.

Riki has been in huntingtest too, and he has got 2 x 2:nd price and one 3:rd price. In both 2:nd price -tests first price was really close.

Simo (Siipiveikon Hanhenhoukuttelija) rescuedogs ruin search (PERA-B) passed-B -test, so now Simo needs only polices approwement and he is ready rescuedog. This is something what I really appreciate.

Vallu (Siipiveikon Tavintuoja) NOU1 = passed retrieving test! Vallu has been also in practical hunting and he has been working good.

Ruuti (Siipiveikon Täyttä Ruutia) at Eckerö dog show exellent, CK and best in bitch in working class.

At tollers huntingtest there were Siipiveikko's participating. Nessa got beginnersclass 0, Riki beginnersclass 2:nd price, Rasmus open class 3:rd price, Vimma openclass 0 and Muusa winnersclass 0. Oonas puppy Pihka got 1st price in beginners class. It was not our day, but more practice and training.

Rasmus (Siipiveikon Rasmusrepohäntä) got first price in hunting test, and he will be 9th toller ever in winnersclass in Finland. One is Kiia and second is Muusa, so not bad at all!

Vimma got at huntingtest 3:rd price from openclass (line dind't work out), Mjösund huntingtest openclass 3:rd price (missed another marking) and in Pomarkku huntingtest she got 2:nd price (missed one crow in land search). Muusa has got some zeroes, but finally at Pomarkku huntingtest she got 2:nd price from winners class. She missed only one at triple marking.


I forgot to update one of Muusas result from huntingtest: winnersclass 3:rd price from quite demanding test.

Then again some nice results:

Ruuti (Siipiveikon Täyttä Ruutia) NOU1 = passed retrieving test with great critique!

Sanni (Siipiveikon Sannisyyshehku) in bloodtracking tollers championships winnersclass 1:st price and best toller in winnersclass!

Rasmus (Siipiveikon Rasmusrepohäntä) Valkeakoski show Best male, certification ja Best of opposite sex.

Kingi (Siipiveikon Kaislikon Kuningas) at same Valkeakoski show 2:nd best male and reser-cerfication.

Vimma (Siipiveikon Sorsansurma) also at same Valkeakoski show exellent.

Nuutti (Siipiveikon Pyhät Pyssyt) at Keuruu show Exellent and class win.

Kelmi (Siipiveikon Telkäntuho) at Mikkeli show very good.


Nice to be at home! We participated this years Tollarspecialen in Sälen with our Muusa and Vimma. Both got in huntingtests 2:nd prices, not bad at all even if they didn't do their totally best. Vimma suprised us, and she won huntingclass in show. Also Muusa got HP. Vimma becamed 6:th in Tollermaster competition (best bitch by the way), and Muusa was number 15. Nice trip, and finnish dogs got great results. Congratulations!

Puppies has moved to their new homes. Boys Viis Voimasta (Voima) moved to Tampere and Viis Viimasta (Rafu) to Kangasala. Girls Viis Verijäljestä (Zelda) moved to Längelmäki, Viis Vainusta (Pippa) to Tampere and Viis Veisaa (Visa) to Örsundsbro in Sweden. Good luck to your future!

Then some results:

Kelmi (Siipiveikon Telkäntuho) NOU1 = passed retrievingtest! Now 6 of 8 puppies has passed it.

Simo (Siipiveikon Hanhenhoukuttelija) rescuedogs human search A-test (PEHA-A) passed with degree very good.

Intro (Siipiveikon Introikiviuhko) passed water rescue test, and next weekend he got openclass 1:st price from blood tracking.

Kingi (Siipiveikon Kaislikon Kuningas) got Exellent, Sertification and Best of breed in Vesilahti dog show.


Time flies! It is so much funnier to spend my time with puppies than use computer. Puppies are growing fast. All has gone nicely, and it is fun to see how they start to have their own personalities.

Muusa got in huntingtests winnersclass 3:rd price and she was huntingtest winner in Pohjois-Häme district championship (all races included). I'm so proud of her!

Vimma got in huntingtests openclass 3:rd price. It was her first start in openclass, so not bad at all!

Viski was at agility Finnish championships, and they camed 37:th. They were best of tollers. Exellent work Teresa!

Rasmus got in huntingtests openclass 1:st price. Super!

Riki got in huntingtests beginnersclass 3:rd price.

Kelmi got in Tuusula show Exellent and he was 3:rd in his class.

Simo got in Estonia Best of breed and Cacib.



Kiia got her puppies about a week ago. She got 5 girls and 2 boys, but sadly one of girls was born dead because her placenta separated too soon. Another girls died on saturday, because she got water to her lungs and she got an infection. Others are fine, and almost all of them have already now doubled their birthweight. Kiia loves them, and she is exellent mum.

Simo (Siipiveikon Hanhenhoukuttelija) EE CH ja Cacib!

Nuutti (Siipiveikon Pyhät Pyssyt) NOU1 (passed retrievingtest)!

Riki (Siipiveikon Variksenviejä) got in huntingtests beginnersclass 2:nd price. Riki was also in obedience Finnish championships in openclass, and he got 157 points and was 28 of 102 participators.

Rasmus (Siipiveikon Rasmusrepohäntä) got in huntingtests openclass 2:nd price and was judges choice. Rasmus was also at show: exellent, CK.

Sanni (Siipiveikon Sannisyyshehku) got in huntingtests openclass 3:rd price.

Kelmi and Samu (Siipiveikon Telkäntuho ja Kyyhkynkyttääjä) were MH-tested.

Vala (Siipiveikon Piiput Kuumina) obedience beginnerclass 1:st price and second in her class.

Congratulations to all!


About one week for Kiias birth. Vimma decided to start her heat 3 months earlier than expexted (Oona is having her own now). Her matingdays would be too close for Kiias birth, so unfortunately we don't have possibility to do this litter just now. Vimmas next heat will be maybe on december-january, so better luck next time.

I have forgotten one showresult: Kingi (Siipiveikon Kaislikon Kuningas) got exellent and was BOS-junior at his first show.

And last but not least: We have a new member in our gang. Black gundog labrador Highhuts's Eleonorae (Highhut's Vega - Justlike Kronprins Frederik) joined us a week ago. A gundog lab has been in our mind for a long time, and now we had a nice opportunity for this. Neva has been great. Lets see what future brings.

Super results:

Nessa (Siipiveikon Lokinluovuttaja) got in her first huntingtest beginners class 1:st price.

Rasmus (Siipiveikon Rasmusrepohäntä) got in huntintests openclass 2:nd price.

Muusa (Siipiveikon Muusametsätähti) got in workingtests winnersclass 3:rd price (first toller in Finland).

Simo (Siipiveikon Hanhenhoukuttelija) rescuedogs ruin search A-test (PERA-A) with degree very good.

Samu (Siipiveikon Kyyhkynkyttääjä) bloodtracking openclass 3:rd price.

Viski (Siipiveikon Viskivilliviini) agility class3 0 penaltys and sertification. One more to go and he will be agilitychampion. Now he has also enough points to go to Finninsh agilitychampionships.

Susa (Siipiveikon Kaislikko Kuiskii) exellent from shows in Sweden.

Vala (Siipiveikon Piiput Kuumina) unofficial obediencetest beginnerclass 1:st price and winner of the class.

I want to congratulate you all!


Susa (Siipiveikon Kaislikko Kuiskii) at unofficial dog show Best of opposite sex. Vala (Siipiveikon Piiput Kuumina) got exellent and camed 3:rd on juniorclass at Tampere dogshow.

Male for Vimmas next litter is decided. He will be Foxgroves Moonlight Gunner "Gunner". More under Puppies.

Kiia's next litters father Arrac got openclass 2:nd price from tollingtest, and his sister Juni got 1:st price. Congratulations!


Kiia was at ultrasound, and vet saw at least 5-6 puppies. I'm so glad!


Harjavalta dogshow: Rasmus exellent, Muusa very good, Vimma good.

Kiuruvesi dogshow: Kelmi exellent, sertification, Best of opposite sex.

Ruovesi dogshow: Vimma exellent, sertification, Best of breed. Vimmas brother Simo Best of opposite sex. Kelmi exellent, Samu very good and Ruuti very good.

Kiia 8 years. When we were at dogshow, Kiia ate ratpoison. She got medication immediately, but of course it makes me worried. Now we have to wait for an ultrasound at next week. She is totally fine, so hopefully possible puppies are too.


Siipiveikon Hanhenhoukuttelija "Simo" git new title BH (passed behavingtest).

Siipiveikon Muusametsätähti "Muusa" was Best of Breed in Sipoo dogshow. Vimma got good (in not good coat).


Lots of news: Kiia has been mated. More under Puppies. Siipiveikon Hanhenhoukuttelija got today his last sertification, so now he is FI CH! Congratulations! Something from obedience: Rasmus got TK3, and now he can move to specialwinnersclass, and Riki got TK1. Congratulations too! Vala was at unofficial test with dummies. She got lots of trainingtips and experience, so keep up on good work.


Oona & Ducke puppies (Siipiveikon 3:rd litter) 1 year today! Congratulations Nalli, Nuutti, Remu, Ruuti and Vala!


Kiias heat has started! She will be propaply mated at week 14. Puppies would born at week 23 and be ready to leave to their new home at week 30. If you are looking for a active dog, please be in contact.

Siipiveikon Lokinluovuttaja "Nessa" was at unofficial "winter huntingtest" for all retrievers on saturday. She becamed 4:th of 34 dogs, and she was best toller of the day! Well done! Only 11 months old Siipiviekon Pyhät Pyssyt "Nuutti" was also participating, and they got nice first start in huntingtests. They had 22 points and camed 24/34. On sunday there were Siipiveikon Variksenviejä "Riki". They got 31,25 points and 21/40. Best (and only) toller of the day. Not bad at all, because this was only 3:rd time for Riki when he saw fasans (and whole test was done with them). Well done all!

Siipiveikon Telkäntuho "Kelmi" had healthy eyes and 0/0 knees.

Siipiveikon Variksenviejä "Riki" got in obedience beginner class first price, 164 points and camed 4/12.

Kiias heat will propaply start within days! Exiting!

Our Muusa best huntingtest toller of the year 2010! Vimma best huntingtest toller in beginnersclass, and third in newcomer of the year!

This was third time for Muusa to get this price. Her mother Kiia had it also 3 times, so this price has been 6 years in our family. I'm proud of our girls.

Siipiveikon Hanhenhoukuttelija "Simo" was at Kouvola show: Exellent, CK, best in workingclass. Judge was Harry Tast.

Our Vimma 2 years today. Congratulations to whole litter!

Siipiveikon Viskivilliviini "Viski" got 2 sertifications on agilitycompetitions, so his agilitychampionclock is ticking! Congratulations Teresa and Jussi!

Vimma at Laihia show: Exellent, best bitch 3.

Vimma and Muusa was selected to tollers "huntingtest-team" for years 2011-2012. First teampractices were last weekend. Trainer was Tomi Sarkkinen, and we had a fun day. Thanks for all!

Our Oona 6 years today. Congratulations to sisters and brothers too!

Siipiveikon Variksenviejä "Riki" was at Raahe show: exellent and best in workingclass.

Oona is grandmother! Her son Ville becamed father of 8 puppies in Germany at Mic Mac Hunter's -kennel. Mic Mac Hunter's

We were visiting Muusas dauhter Susa in Sweden, and she has becamed a nice young dog.

We had a meeting for all dogs bred by us. It was nice to see you all!

Siipiveikon Kyyhkynkyttääjä "Samu" knees 0/0

Obedience test in Kannus: Siipiveikon Variksenviejä "Riki" 1st prize in beginners' class with 181 points and placement 1st in class.
Pictures: Riikka Niinistö.

Group show in Tampere: Siipiveikon Pyhät Pyssyt "Nuutti" BOB-puppy